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-conscious (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions

 '-conscious' is a suffix for terms that define the consciousness of a system: if the consciousness is separate, if they share a consciousness, if they do not know their consciousness, if they are between having a separate consciousness and having a single consciousness and between others.

  • monoconsciousheadmates have only one conscience among themselves;
  • polyconscious — headmates have separate consciousnesses;
  • hydraconscious — headmates have separate consciousness but are aware of everything that is happening at all times (a mix of polyconscious and monoconscious);
  •  dualconcious — "The state of being dualconcious is when a system completely regresses back into the singlet state they had before they became or discovered their plurality";
  • misaconscious — partly monoconscious and partly polyconscious. Whether because of being consciousflux, because of differences in consciousness between the fronts, etc...;
  •  quoiconscious — plurals that do not know their conscious;
  •  consciousflux — plurals that have flux consciousness. (Flux between consciousnesses);
  • cephaconscious — plurals that are monoconscious when fronting, and polyconscious when in headspace;
  • mutoconscious — plurals that are monoconscious when fronting, and hydraconscious when in headspace;
  • multiplexconscious — plurals that are hydraconscious when fronting and polyconscious when in headspace.