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alternation (n.)
Applies tosystem functions
CoinerMoonlight Symphony/Atlantis Starryvault; possibly by Elspeth; term taken from Alternations in Blaseball

Alternation is a system function or phenomena wherein exocanons and exomemories may be rewritten in a spiritual sense, percieved potentially as an internal-to-the-system reality shift. This phenomenon, while sometimes distressing, is not necessarily a negative thing, and can happen for any number of reasons. Alternations can also affect innerworlds, especially those with a narrative element, whether that is a plot-narrative or a historical or setting narrative. They may be of any scale, but typically affect more than one person, as the term for just affecting one person is called a rejuvenation.

An important thing to note is that alternations are distinctly different from pseudomemories and non-accurate exomemories. They are actual changes in what was true in a past life or other exocanon, including those that continue to the present inworld. When Alternations happen, the past memories are still recoverable and accessable; they are still true, maybe just in another reality or timeline. When a phenomenon similar to an alternation happens without the pre-existing canons being affected, on a large scale of multiple people or even a world or worlds, this is called a canonbonding.