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chrómtive (n.)
Other formsChrómject
Applies tosourced headmates
CoinerEunoia Army

A chrómtive or a chrómject is an introject sourced from a color.

Term Meaning

This term comes from the Greek word “chróma”, meaning "color". Along with the suffix “tive” or “ject”, both meaning a sourced and/or outsourced member.

Related Terms

Colorgenic, which refers to an origin related to colors, rather than being sourced from one.

Table of Terms

Terms under the chrómtive umbrella
Color Name Etymology Coiner(s)
Pastel Pastéltive / Pastélject Pastél, Greek for pastel Eunoia Army
Red Kokkitive / Kokkiject

Redtive / Redject

Kokkino, Greek for red Eunoia Army
Orange Portokative / Portokaject Portokali, Greek for orange Eunoia Army
Yellow Kitritive / Kitriject Kitrino, Greek for yellow Eunoia Army
Green Prasitive / Prasiject Prasino, Greek for green Eunoia Army
Blue Bletive / Bleject Ble, Greek for blue Eunoia Army
Purple Kiative / Kiaject Kiano, Greek for purple Eunoia Army
Pink Rosetive / Roseject Rose Eunoia Army
Black Mavrotive / Mavroject Mavro, Greek for black Eunoia Army
White Asprotive / Asproject Áspro, Greek for white Eunoia Army
Brown Kafetive / Kafeject Kafé, Greek for brown Eunoia Army
Silver Asimetive / Asimeject Asími, Greek for silver Eunoia Army
Gold Hrisotive / Hrisoject Hriso or Chrysó, both Greek for gold Eunoia Army