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chrómtive (n.)
Chrómtive flag.png
made by Eunoia Army
Other formsChrómject
Applies tosourced headmates
CoinerEunoia Army

A chrómtive or a chrómject is an introject sourced from a color.

History[edit | edit source]

This term comes from the Greek word “chróma”, meaning "color". Along with the suffix “-tive” or “-ject”, both meaning a sourced and/or outsourced member.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Colôrisgenic, which refers to an origin related to colors, rather than being sourced from one.

Table of Terms[edit | edit source]

Terms under the chrómtive umbrella
Color Name Etymology Coiner(s)
Pastel Pastéltive / Pastélject

Pasteltive / Pastelject

Pastél, Greek for pastel Eunoia Army
Red Kokkitive / Kokkiject

Redtive / Redject

Kokkino, Greek for red Eunoia Army
Orange Portokative / Portokaject

Orangetive / Orangeject

Portokali, Greek for orange Eunoia Army
Yellow Kitritive / Kitriject

Yellowtive / Yellowject

Kitrino, Greek for yellow Eunoia Army
Green Prasitive / Prasiject

Greentive / Greenject

Prasino, Greek for green Eunoia Army
Blue Bletive / Bleject

Bluetive / Blueject

Ble, Greek for blue Eunoia Army
Purple Kiative / Kiaject

Purpletive / Purpleject

Kiano, Greek for purple Eunoia Army
Pink Rosetive / Roseject

Pinktive / Pinkject

Rose Eunoia Army
Black Mavrotive / Mavroject

Blacktive / Blackject

Mavro, Greek for black Eunoia Army
White Asprotive / Asproject

Whitetive / Whiteject

Áspro, Greek for white Eunoia Army
Brown Kafetive / Kafeject

Browntive / Brownject

Kafé, Greek for brown Eunoia Army
Silver Asimetive / Asimeject

Silvertive / Silverject

Asími, Greek for silver Eunoia Army
Gold Hrisotive / Hrisoject

Goldtive / Goldject

Hriso or Chrysó, both Greek for gold Eunoia Army

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