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conductor (n.)
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions
CoinerThe Felight system

A conductor (kuhn·duhk·ter[1]) is a system member who is similar to a manager or steward, but may not front themself, or may only do so rarely. Instead, their role is to ensure that those who do front maintain a healthy, productive life. They may do so by assigning tasks to fronters, reminding them of their duties, rewarding them for their accomplishments, etc. There may be more than one conductor in a system, with each perhaps in charge of different subsets of the system.

Term Origin

A conductor is "a leader, guide, director, or manager."[2]

Related Terms

As stated, a conductor is similar to a manager/supervisor. However, as a conductor is typically not a fronter/outernaut, they may be considered an innernaut. They may also be considered an internal version of a steward. In the case that the rest of the system are not able or willing to complete necessary tasks, a conductor may serve as a temporary assidumate.


"Conductor" was coined by the Felight system in February 2023.