Contingency Plan

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contingency plan (n.)
Applies tosystem functions
OriginCommon term for a "Plan B", in case of unexpected future events.

A contingency plan is a plan designed to be referred to in the occurrence of a hypothetical future event, most typically in this context being the formation or return from dormancy of (an) alter(s). A system may develop this plan for themselves, to be referenced by a co-conscious guide in order to assist an unaware alter. It may otherwise be presented to loved ones whom the system can trust to guide new members who many find themselves fronting alone for the first time, or the first time in a while.

The plan may explain parts of daily life, such as attending school or work, cooking, and cleaning (with intent to guide confused alters on the system's daily routine), or more specific plurality-related information, such as how to navigate the headspace or leave front.