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corpnum-mate, corpnumist (n., adj.)
Other formsCorpnummate, Corpnum-ist
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions
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A Corpnum-mate, or Corpnumist, is a headmate that sleeps when the body sleeps. This role does not necessarily only sleep when the body sleeps, but they cannot stay awake while the body is sleeping.

They do not have to front to sleep while the body is sleeping, but it is common. If they do front, they may be front-locked, but it is not required. A system member can sometimes temporarily gain this role by becoming frontstuck.

A system can have multiple headmates that use this role, and they may all be a part of a subsystem or sidesystem, or not.


  • Prefix Corp- stemming from the latin word "corpus" meaning "body"
  • Affixe -num- stemming from the latin word "somnum" meaning "sleep"
  • Suffix -mate a term used to describe a headmate (Corpnum-mate)
  • Suffix -ist a person who practices or is concerned with something (Corpnumist)

The term was coined by Septic's System to explain a role the host has.[1]