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cosmien (adj.)
Cosmien flag by epikulupu
Applies toheadmates, headspaces (cosmien realm)
Coinerthe Tumblr blog neopronouns, at the request of tumblr user xenic-sappho

Cosmien is an umbrella term for xenogenders (or other forms/modalities of identity, such as orientations, kintypes, or basically anything imaginable as a type of identity) that are experienced as literal planes of existence, whether inside or outside the body or soul. A person is considered cosmien, if they experience these genders(/other identity modality types), and singlets and system members alike can be cosmien. These worlds, called cosmien realms, may be populated or unpopulated realms, being paracosms, layers, or gateways, or anywhere in between, or something else entirely.[1]

The emoji ✨, especially between a name and a system tag or sisasystem tags, can signify someone is cosmien/has cosmien realms, especially when their costems, if they have any, don't fit in the PluralKit tag or aren't deemed relevant enough to fit in the tag.

Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Cosmien has many subtypes based on types of identity, coined by Moonlight Symphony/Atlantis Starryvault (AKA xenic-sappho) for this wiki. This is an open class, and people are free to coin their own subtypes for it if they wish, based on whatever they experience as identity modalities or deem useful. (Please credit yourself here if you coin specific types!)

  • Cosmiengender, cosmigien, or often just cosmien with no descriptor, refers to cosmienness based on genders.
  • Cosmienorientation, or cosmienori, refers to cosmienness based on orientations.
  • Cosmienkinity or cosmienkin refers to cosmienness based on kintypes.
  • Cosmiensourcewell or cosmiwell refers to cosmienness without a specific qualifier; as its own form of identity.
  • Cosmiengemsoul or cosmigemsoul refers to cosmienness experienced as a type of xenine identity resembling the central gems of Steven Universe Gems, that may be or contain a cosmien world/realm.
  • Cosmienergeic refers to cosmienness connected to spiritual or metaphysical energies possessed by the person in question, and may be connected to centers of energy, auras, specific classes of energy, or many others. This can be further subdivided based on specific type, location, or classification of the energy that corresponds to or holds one or more cosmien realms. Unlike other forms of energy work, this does not require a literal belief in spiritual energy, and can be used as a classification system of literal-existent cosmien realms based on metaphors of spiritual energy.

Each of these can be followed by "realm(s)" to indicate a specific identity or world. Cosmien classifications may overlap or be nested in each other; for example, a gemsoul could be a specific expression of a gender or orientation, or (cosmien) genders could be sorted based on energetic alignment (Arguably all cosmien identities are sourcewells, and just have other identity-types on top of that)

Organizational Structuring[edit | edit source]

Cosmien realms do not have to be structured or organized in a specific way, but they may be so! A person may have one or more costems/cosplexes, which may be separated based on modality of how they are experienced (as genders or as orientations, for a limited example). Cosmien people do not have to identify as subsystems/system hosts, and this can sometimes be a form of plural non-systemhood, either in terms of if they had their own body (a plural non-system in a plural system, for example) or in the case of an otherwise singlet who has populated cosmien realms. Multiple groupings of cosmien realms can even exist in the same modality, and may be separated based on functional, vibe-based or arbitrary criteria.

As cosmien realms may not have a nested structure the same way systems and their Sisasystems do, cosmien organization may often be based on the general "vibe" of a given costem or cosplex, and factors such as its size/number of realms. In parallel to the sisasystem hierarchy ranging from hemiplex to subsystem, one hierarchy of cosmien realm organizations is as follows.

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Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Systems that have cosmien realms as headspaces can be described as at least partially gendiegenic, and more specifically cosmiengenic.

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