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cosmos (n.)
SynonymsInnercosmos, Inner Cosmos
Applies toheadspaces
CoinerVivian Argentum of the Laurelindórenan Lindelorendor System

A cosmos is a series of layers, (inner)worlds, or gateways connected via direct but non-physical/literal connections. Travel may be easier between worlds connected as part of a cosmos than worlds that are not. Distinct from a metalayer in that the worlds are not physically connected or in the same literal space - there is no way to travel from one to another except via teleportation.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Cosmoses are comprised of layers and/or metalayers, and are a variety of headspace and/or gateway.

Alarach (also Suniomin, Suni) is an umbrella term for layers, metalayers, and cosmoses that "stand on their own", as distinct units completely independent from each other

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