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duximagenic (adj.)
Other formsDuxitanimagenic
SynonymsNon-fictive, Brain-made
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerThe Poet Polyplex

Duximagenic (Duxitanimagenic for long) mean to be "recreated" in the mind due to external factors like mental illness, physical illness, traumatic incidents, etc. A Duximagenic headmate, referred to as a Duxima or a Duxitanima, does not have a source that is reflected in the outside world (including original character universes) like a fictive or charabond.

Duximagenic is a replacement for "brain-made" (and even non-fictive) made for spiritual headmates who were not created in the brain, but more accurately brought into the mind without relation to the world of the body they reside in. This can include a lost souls (or a soul from another universes') body being brought into or "recreated" inside the body it is being put into.

Duxima, in Duximagenic, comes from the latin word "Duxit", meaning brought, and "Anima", meaning soul.

History[edit | edit source]

This term was coined by Minho from Satellite within the Poet Polyplex after coming to the conclusion that "brain-made" or "non-fictive" headmates within the polyplex were, in fact, neither of those. This term is meant for spiritual systems, like Soulbond systems for example.