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factional (adj.)
Applies tosourced headmates
CoinerDödstöld Package

Factional refers to a headmate who is a fictional character in this universe; identifies as a fictional character but doesn’t consider themselves fictional; has had past lives as the character or person they identify as/are; identifies as a fictional character or factive of someone but doesn’t connect much to their source self; or a member who is in some other way spiritually connected to a character or person.

It was primarily created with those in mind who don’t like the terms fictive, factive, etc and how they often carry some connotations that they might not actually really be who they identify as, just based on them, but can be used by anyone who relates to it in someway.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Fuzztive and fogtive refer to headmates who are partially, somewhat, or almost a fictive/factive, but it doesn't seem ‘quite right’ or ‘entirely accurate’.

Quoisourced refers to a headmate that is unsure if they have a source or feels that the binary of sourced and sourceless doesn't fit them.

Post-Fictive and Post-Factive refer to headmates that previously held a fictive/factive identity but no longer considers themselves to be that same person.

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