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fantive (n.)
Synonymsfictive (n.)
Applies tosourced headmates
Coinerяєαℓιту system, and Laurelindórenan Lindelorendor

Fantive has 2 definitions:

1 - A fantive is a fictive that is the compression or the embodiment of an entire or partial source. Common sources are media like games and books, but almost anything can be a fantive's source, such as fantasy worlds created by other system members.

2 - A fantive is an introject from fanfiction and fandom portrayals of characters and people in general. Can be used as a subtype of fictive or factive, or as its own term on its own.[1]

Related Terms

A fantive may be considered a conceptive.

Fictives are headmates based on a fictional source.

Factives are headmates based on a real and/or factional sources.

Introject is an umbrella term for fictives and factives that have a source.