Final Fusion

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final fusion (n., v.)
Other formsfully fused (adj.), finally fusing (v.), fully fusing (v.)
Applies tosystems
OriginPsychiatric Term

Final fusion is the process of which a system fuses until there is only one headmate in the body; essentially, becoming a corelet. The resulting individual may be a sum of all headmates that previously existed, or see themself as completely unique. Some systems may finally fuse by accident, while for others, it's a long-term plan done in the hopes of being more functional.

History[edit | edit source]

It's seen as the most extreme version of integration, and in the past, had been forced as the "only solution" onto disordered systems. Many multiples are sensitive around the topic of no longer being plural, so final fusion can be triggering. Each system should choose what path is best for them.

This was considered the only "cure" for multiplicity, but has since been challenged by a large community of both plurals and their allies (including doctors) believing that multiplicity is non-harmful or even beneficial.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Final fusion is not the same as when all walk-ins leave the system; those headmates have not fused, just left. It's also similar to system collapses, but like the former, does not necessitate fusion.

The headmate resulting from a final fusion can also re-split, becoming plural again; a version of this can be seen in bombogenic systems, system resets, and other origins.