Good Timeline Juice

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good timeline juice (n., adj.)
Other formsGTJ, good-timeline-juice
Applies tosystem functions
CoinerMoonlight Symphony/Atlantis Starryvault

Good Timeline Juice, good-timeline-juice or just GTJ is a term for exomemories that sit opposed to, as the opposite of or antithesis of, or as a contrast to exotrauma and other negative/bad exomemories and exocanon themes. This term can also describe canons or sources/source variants that have this, especially in the context of sources that are generally dark or negative in tone; in this usage, "good-timeline-juice <source>" refers to a timeline of the source where less or none of the major negative or traumatic events happened, at least in the time period where the introtives in question come from. Good Timeline Juice is relative, and does not always mean a complete absence of negative tones, events, conflict, or exotrauma.

Good timeline juice is not to be confused with the general phenomenon of Timeline Juice, which refers to things that spur on the discovery of exomemories and new exomemory timelines for pre-existing system members.