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hydraconscious (adj.)
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerLaplace sequence

Hydraconscious refers to a system in which every member has an individual consciousness, but everyone also shares a collective consciousness.[1]

Laplace sequence describes it as follows:

An individual headmate is themselves, but they have access to everyone's memories and are aware of what's going on at all times unless they stop paying attention by tuning it out or going to sleep. They can rifle through what they missed or someone can offer it up to them. The only thing fronting does is give the body sensory input. Sight and hearing can be unaffected and can always exist even without a fronter, depending on the system.

The flag was created by Mogai-Place on tumblr and is a mix of the monoconscious and polyconscious flag.[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Cephaconscious systems have a similar style of consciousness, though associated specifically with differences between fronting and headspace consciousness.

Mutoconscious systems are hydraconscious for non-fronting members.

Atrium Systems have memory management similar to this.

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