Implicit Lore

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implicit lore (n.)
Applies tosystem functions
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Implicit lore is knowledge about the system or other headmates that cannot be accessed directly but is still somewhat present. For example, a headmate recalling implicit lore may be able to answer simple questions about the relevant information but not be able to state it explicitly. They may not be able to answer questions that make it possible to fully reconstruct or deduce the information.

This effect may be caused by curtains or another headmate such as a gatekeeper.

This term is related to the psychological concept of implicit knowledge and memory that can be used or applied but not recalled or formulated explicitly.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Implicit lore may occur in atrium systems with a fronting headmate being able to apply or retain some awareness of their internal knowledge but unable to communicate it.

If the information can be accessed partially but its origin or validity remain unknown, this may be called isolated lore.