Intra-System Relationship

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intra-system relationship (n.)
A symbol for in-sys relationships
Other formsintrasystem relationship (n.), in-sys (adj.) (aquarius-system)
Synonyms(internal / in-system / in-house) relationship, intuspluric, intrasystem dating[1], collective romance (Withered System), system-relationship (Withered System), system-partnership
Applies tosystems

An intra-system relationship, also called in-system relationships, in-house relationships, or internal relationships, is a relationship by two or more (but not necessarily all) headmates which takes place within a system.[2]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Terms for system members who are attracted to others of their own system include SMLSM (system member loving system member) and Plurillean. Sysian or sysmasexual is a headmate who is exclusively attracted to others in their system.

Aepluric is a relationship within a system where all members are involved.

Intuspluric describes both internal attraction and relationships.

Intra-system describes things occurring within a system.

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