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intralayer (n.)
Synonymsintrarealm (n.), intraplane (n.)
Applies toheadspaces, system functions
CoinerJune of the Pink Lemonade System

An intralayer is a layer of headspace perceived as existing inside a system's physical brain. This is in contrast to an exolayer, one that exists outside of any psychological or neurological phenomena, as well as outside even the shared reality itself. Systems with a combination of intralayers and exolayers may consider themselves a type of exosystem.[1]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Intralayers should not be confused with intrastrata, which are layers formed through prolonged mimicry, or that contain populations/locations/narratives/etc that mimic/mirror other people. Intralayers can be intrastrata, but the terms themselves refer to very different things.

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