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lavhachruk (n.)
SynonymsHemisystem Cluster
Applies tosystems
CoinerMeilerah of the «Cosmic-Ygdrasil Realms Blue-Irenic» Vhenah-haan

A lavachruk (plural: lavachruks) is a loose grouping of hemisystems, that is formalized, informal, or historical in nature, and may overlap with other lavachruks. It is less of a discrete unit than a subplex, hemisystem, or mesosystem, and is very often a voluntary association, without necessarily having a structural element to it.

History[edit | edit source]

The term lavachruk is coined from an exosprache term for the concept, the Vulgar Lordaeronite language spoken by the coiner in viara system. It is part of the Fhinanara-kah terminology system, intended to provide a spiritual-based, yet highly inclusive and ultimately agnostic, alternative to more well-known plural terms, as well as fill in gaps that plural terminology doesn’t currently cover. Hemisystem cluster is a general term, intended to be more easily understandable, despite being more wordy in general.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

A lavachruk is similar in structure to a layer cluster and a Metaregnum, and is a variety of sisasystem cluster term.

Lavachruks may be included in lavachveruchs, which are loose, overlapping groups of lavachruks. As a sisasystem cluster term, the term lavachruk is related to sisasystem terms such as subplexes, which may contain lavachruks, and hemisystems, which lavachruks are comprised of.