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layer (n.)
Synonymslevel (n.)
Applies tosystem functions

A layer is a division of space within a headspace. These are more significant than just areas of the headspace, as individual layers often have greatly differing appearances, kinds of headmates, or functions in regards to each other. Layers are typically vertically stacked but this is not always the case.

Certain system members may reside within certain layers, based on these differing functions. For example, a system's main fronters might reside in a layer that can more easily connect to the front than other locations. For some systems, it can be difficult or impossible for system members to communicate or travel between layers.

Related Terms

Layers have much in common with sidesystems, as separate parts of a larger system. They can be seen as a kind of subsystem as well. Generally, terms relating to layers end in -strata, like scribstrata, deuterostrata, and intrastrata.

Liaisons may help communicate between layers if there's little contact between them, like in ellempiric or pathempiric systems.

Layers are common in polyfragmented systems but not exclusive to them.