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locspace (n.)
Other formsloctemporal, locmate
Applies toheadspaces, system functions

A locstrata ("level-of-complexity-strata") is a headspace, layer, or sector whose functions, like perceived time, change with a gradient depending on some criteria.

Examples of this may be:

  • The further a layer is removed from the front, the slower time seems to pass there
  • Densely populated sectors are more interactive than less densely populated ones
  • A paracosm that is more visually detailed close to a headmate and less detailed further away

A headspace may function in this way to reduce cognitive load or otherwise manage an inner world, similar to how in some video games, the visual surroundings are more detailed the closer they are to the player POV.


Depending on the function that exists along such a gradient and the point of reference, any number of subterms may be constructed, such as, for example, loctemporal for a gradual time dilation effect, or locmate for a headmate who is the focus of a gradient.

Related Terms

A renderspace may function in this way if the level of rendering operates on a gradient around the point of observation.

A distant loctemporal sector may be considered an asynchronous backspace.

This term uses the -strata suffix.