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== Where To Start ==
The [[:Category:Terms|Terms category]] contains a list of all of the terms, as well as subcategories for groupings of terms.
*[[Plurality|What's plurality?]]
*[[:Category:Actual_Terms|Terms (without redirects or subcategories)]]
*[[:Category:Common Terms|Common Terms]]
*[[:Category:System Functions|System Functions]]
*[[:Category:System Origins|System Origins]]
*[[:Category:System Roles|Specific Roles]]
*[[Project:Further Reading|More Resources]]
*[[Plural Research]]
*[[Special:Categories|All Categories]]
== Want to Contribute? ==
* [[Project:Style Guide|Style Guide]]
* [[Special:WantedPages|Wanted Pages]]
* [[Project:Pages that need care|Pages that need care]]
* [ Join the Discord server!]

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