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multiplexconscious (adj.)
Multiplex by Fragment Collective.jpg
Multiplexconscious flag by the Fragment Collective.
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerFragment Collective.

Multiplexconscious refers to a system, or sisasystem that are hydraconscious when fronting but members of the system who are not in front have their own, separate consciousness in headspace/are polyconscious in headspace.

Each member feels they have a distinct, separate conscious of their own, well the body has its own consciousness which they enter when fronting, making all consciousnesses available to all fronters.

Experiences a multiplexconscious system may have:

  • Having memories that happened to the body but don't feel like it has to some headmates or some feel unsure about their memories accuracy due to not having been in front to experience it personally.
  • Only remembering/knowing new things that happened to the body after fronting again.
  • Only being able to see body's memories and feelings when fronting, and losing that connection again once out of front and or co-consciousness.
  • Feeling other headmates feelings, not as your own, but feeling them nonetheless when fronting with them or possibly co-conscious with them.
  • Being completely separate beings but still being able to share memories, feelings and thoughts when fronting with others psychically and or telepathically.
  • Feeling each other's presence completely separate in front but still sharing one consciousness in front simultaneously.
  • Accessing the headspace while in front may be difficult without an excessive amount of concentration.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Cephaconscious is similar to multiplexconscious, as their consciousness changes based on if they're fronting or not, and feel they have a fronting consciousness they "step into" as well.

Hydraconscious is related to multiplexconscious as they are hydraconscious when in front.

Mutoconscious is heavily similar to multiplexconscious with a huge difference being how every headmate still has their separate consciousness even as they step into the body/collective consciousness, and never feel like they're "becoming" someone else, but rather that another headmate is joining them in front.

Atrium Systems are a similar concept to this consciousness.

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