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outertraumagenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems, headmates

Outertraumagenic or outergenic refers to a system, subsystem, headmate, or otherwise that is formed as a result of another person's trauma (outertrauma). Ways in which this could apply are:

  • The trauma that another person has experienced caused the body enough stress, sadness, or similar, that it formed a system, subsystem, or headmate
  • A system, subsystem, or headmate was formed in order to cope with the other person's trauma
  • A system, subsystem, or headmate was formed due to the belief that it would take their trauma away or make it less prominent (this could be due to delusional experiences or neurodivergence, for example)
  • The thought of the trauma another has experienced caused enough fear to form a system, subsystem, or headmate
  • Another person who has experienced trauma lacked somebody to help with said trauma, causing a system, subsystem, or headmate to form with the intention of protecting that other person


The term outertraumagenic along with the term outertrauma was coined on August 18th, 2021, by thenelsonsystem#0156 on Discord. It was coined after a headmate of theirs with this origin came into contact with another headmate who had the same experience with no term to describe it.


The outertraumagenic flag has no confirmed meaning besides the extinguisher icon, which was inspired by the fire icon on the exotraumagenic flag. It resembles a system, subsystem, or headmate being formed to help cope with, 'extinguish', or in response to another's trauma.