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pluralphobe (n., adj.)

A pluralphobe is someone, typically a singlet who actively seeks to remove systems and open plurality from their lives, could be for a number of reasons.

Common examples include:

  • Plurality denier.
    • For some reason or other, this person thinks that plurality in any form simply does not exist.
    • Explanations can range anywhere from thinking people are either tricked into or faking being multiple people, to believing that plurality is no different from roleplaying fursonas and such.
    • May also take a mistaken stance on psychiatry and think that DID/OSDD/etc. diagnoses no longer exist or have fallen into disuse.
  • Discomforted by plurality.
    • These folk can overlap with deniers, but can also still fully believe the experiences of systems.
    • Instead, these people are made uncomfortable by the presence or existence of systems in any form; this could be because they don't understand, because systemhood reminds them of trauma, or some other reason.
    • They may simply leave situations where systems openly exist or people talk about plurality, they may seek to have the systems removed from their spaces, or they may choose to harass the system into silence or to drive them away.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

For a system that often employs pluralphobic rhetoric against others, see system exclusionist.