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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Can't get enough information on plurality? Here are some useful resources that the community here have used to make this project run, or otherwise notable articles deemed important. We do not endorse the entirety of any site linked here.

Overviews[edit | edit source]

Basic guides to multiplicity, the history of the plural community, and other general content.

  • More Than One A small site that explains the very basics of plurality. It explains the concept of plurality, basic terms, and more from a beginner-friendly perspective. It may be a helpful introductory resource for those who are very new to the concept of systems.
  • A Layman's Guide This interactive, if not outdated guide, was published in 2004 by the Four and Twenty group (AKA Blackbirds). It covers many frequently asked questions about living as multiple, associated beliefs, and related topics. Some links may be broken.

History[edit | edit source]

Materials that discuss the history & evolution of various plural communities.

  • LB Lee's Quick'n'Dirty Plural History A history of the origins of plurality up to present day, including descriptions of various waves of exclusionism. This series also comes in video presentation form.
  • Many Voices Archive An archive of a newsletter that ran from 1989 to 2012 called Many Voices, which catered to all kinds of plurals. The evolution of terminology is easily shown through these records.
  • LB Lee's PluralWiki This covers mainly the older groups, individuals, and media created in the plural communities. If you're new to the scene, this may give you a good foundation for how the modern plural sphere functions.

Glossaries[edit | edit source]

Lists created by other systems, used here.

  • Astraea's Web One of the earliest still-functional glossaries, this page provides an overview of the most common terms used in the online plural communities from the 1990s and 2000s. Many of the external links are broken, however. (Astraea's site is generally one of the best resources for early multiple jargon, conventions, and topics.) However, there is controversy surrounding this site that exists, as accusations of plagiarism have swirled around for years. Be careful when citing this page.
  • Plural Terms A more modern compendium run by the Polybius Network, Papilionem Polyplex, and Cluster Brains.
  • The Plural Dictionary A google document by the CS&G system. It's the updated version of the carrd.
  • Google Doc Another critical document. This contains many terms, but can be difficult to navigate and missing citations.
  • DID-Research Although specifically through the lens of traumagenic DID, many acronyms and medical terms are explained on this page. Heavy trigger warning, though — did-research does not pull any punches. If you're struggling with psychiatric terminology, your own trauma, or looking for only the most common terms, this site is for you.
  • Dark Personalities The original "edgy" plural community, Dark Personalities (or DP) was a hub for multiples back in the day. It prided itself on minimal censorship, but also condemned the use of trigger & content warnings.
  • One of the better information sites coming out of the Tulpamancy movement.
  • Soul Whispers An early resource dedicated to exploring soulbonding. Also, has some brief introduction & discussion about soulbonding.

Guides and Help[edit | edit source]

A collection of useful resources for systems struggling with their multiplicity, persecutors, or other common issues.