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Can't get enough information on plurality? Here are some useful resources that the community here have used to make this project run, or otherwise notable articles deemed important. We do not endorse the entirety of any site linked here.


This wiki was made from an amalgamation of existing lists, packaged in a more accessible form. Note that most of these glossaries are incomplete, missing crucial information, or otherwise may not be very user-friendly.

  • Astraea's Web One of the earliest still-functional glossaries, this page provides an overview of the most common terms used in the online plural communities from the 1990s and 2000s. Many of the external links are broken, however. (Astraea's site is generally one of the best resources for early multiple jargon, conventions, and topics.)
  • Google Site A more modern compendium run by the Polybius Network, Papilionem Polyplex, and Cluster Brains.
  • Carrd A now-abandoned site by the CS&G system, it was nonetheless instrumental in the circulation of terminology.
  • Google Doc Another critical document created by a private system. This contains many terms, but can be difficult to navigate and missing citations.
  • DID-Research Although specifically through the lens of traumagenic DID, many acronyms and medical terms are explained on this page. Heavy trigger warning, though — did-research does not pull any punches.