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MediaWiki has quite a few tools for finding pages that are underdeveloped and need a little bit of care from the community. If you would like to help out with the wiki, a good place to start is to go down this list, and look for things you can contribute to.

Wanted Pages[edit | edit source]

The Special:WantedPages page lists pages that are linked to by other pages, but do not currently exist. It is a good place to look for articles that need to be written still.

Short Pages[edit | edit source]

The Special:ShortPages page lists all pages from smallest/shortest to largest/longest, which usually the shortest/smallest are usually stubs and need additional information added, or to be explicitly marked using the Stub template.

Stubs[edit | edit source]

The Category:Stubs page lists pages that have been explicitly marked by a user as needing more information.

Uncategorized Pages[edit | edit source]

The Special:UncategorizedPages page lists pages that are not in a category. These are usually missing the Term template, and should have it added. Follow the instructions in our Style Guide for more information on how to do this.

Empty Infoboxes[edit | edit source]

The Category:Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows page lists pages that have an infobox (probably the Term template), but contain no data rows. If at all possible, change the infobox to add any relevant information. If there is nothing to add, consider bringing it up on the Discord, as the Term template is far from complete, and examples of pages where none of the fields apply would be very helpful in improving it.