From Pluralpedia, the collaborative plurality dictionary
A drawing of Plurpy-tan holding a book.
Plurpy-tan is the mascot of Pluralpedia. This image was created by Nikiha from Frost System.

Pluralpedia is a community project to create a dictionary of plural terms. Among its goals are to be neutral in tone, and to be inclusive to as many people as possible.

History[edit | edit source]

Pluralpedia was founded on December 30th, 2020, and the site went live on December 31st, 2020, following the shutdown of Blossom. The name was chosen based on a poll conducted in multiple Discord servers. The initial organization of the project was done via the Discord server, which was set up by Umbral. The website was set up by Tiffany and Aurora.

When it first launched, the website used MediaWiki 1.35, PostgreSQL, NGINX, and PHP 7, running on an Arch Linux-based VPS.

Principles[edit | edit source]

1. Inclusivity[edit | edit source]

Pluralpedia is inclusive to all, which means that exclusionary behavior will not be tolerated. All systems are valid and should be able to find labels they can relate to on this wiki.

2. Neutrality[edit | edit source]

Pluralpedia does not make any value judgments. No specific way of being plural is the right way or the only way.

3. Respecting the Community[edit | edit source]

Many of the terms used in plural communities were coined by specific people, and it's our duty to credit them when possible. Some terms might also be considered "closed" by their creators, and do not wish them to be shared widely, and we will respect that.

4. Community Project[edit | edit source]

Pluralpedia is a project built on collaboration. There is no owner, leader, or other hierarchy. Those who do hold powers, like those who run the website or have the power to delete pages, block users, etc. are beholden to the rest of the community. Those who abuse their privileges will have their powers taken away.

Hosting[edit | edit source]

The website is operated by Tiffany and Aurora. Here's a note from Tiffany about the hosting of the site:

The reason I took the initiative in offering to host Pluralpedia was that I didn't want it to fall into the hands of a company like Fandom, where they cover the wiki in ads and own all of the content you contribute there. They can make decisions about the wikis without the agreement of anyone who actually is involved in the wiki.

My promise is that Pluralpedia will never have ads. The creative commons license means that we don't own your content, but rather you are allowing us to host it on the website, and for anyone else to use it as long as they provide attribution/credit. We will never make decisions about the wiki without involving the rest of the community.

Currently, hosting costs are small because of the low traffic the wiki receives. If this ever becomes a high traffic website and the hosting costs grow beyond my means, we will still not put ads on the site. Instead, we'd look to fundraising options, like Patreon, Ko-Fi, or other fundraising options. Those funds would go directly towards server costs, there would be no cut for us.