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s'karond (n.)
Other formsBlend
Applies toheadmates, system functions
CoinerMoonlight Symphony Polyplex of the Atlantis Starryvault

A s'karond (n.) is a fhinanara-kah term for a temporary combination of two or more system members, defined by being "crystalline" in nature and non-dissociative in form or function. The combination may have a combination of traits of the components, or may have a unique collection of traits specific to the s'karond. S'karonds are temporary formations in nature, and are often formed as a recreational or exploratory activity by the members involved.

The practice or act of becoming a s'karond is known as s'karondre, and an introtive of a s'karond is called a s'karondreach, or sometimes a fustive. S'karondre may be a closely emotional, often intimate act for the headmates involved.

History[edit | edit source]

The parogenic community has had this concept for a while, often referring to it as "fusion" after Steven Universe. This may have developed entirely independently of the medical term. However this is incorrect terminology, as fusion is already a well-established medical term. Thus s'karond was brought into circulation by Moonlight Symphony from an internal language to create a new term that distances itself from unrelated medical terminology, and does not imply a blurry or uncertain mix of characteristics, and instead a distinct and discrete entity.