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tulpamancy (n.)
Other formstulpagenic (adj.), tulpa (n.), tulpamancer (n.)
Applies tosystems (tulpagenic), headmates (tulpa, tulpamancer)
CoinerAlexandra David-Néel

Tulpamancy is the art of purposefully creating headmates through various techniques. A headmate created in this way is called a "tulpa". A tulpamancer is a practitioner of tulpamancy.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Parogenic is a related concept, but the term may be avoided by some systems in favor of tulpamancy/tulpagenic or tuplamancy/tuplagenic. Similarly, tulpamancy/tulpagenic or tuplamancy/tuplagenic may be avoided by some systems in favor of parogenic.

History[edit | edit source]

The term tulpa in its modern usage first appeared in the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet (1929) by the Theosophist Alexandra David-Néel and based on the Tibetan word sprulpa, which approximately means emanation or manifestation. Tulpamancy was popularized and secularized on 4chan and Reddit beginning in 2009.