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we're the clusterhug chronicles (formerly and sometimes still clusterhug system), a polygenic dissociative-disordered system of over 300 members. we're introject-heavy and sometimes label as trauma-endo!! we collectively go by metzi, eli, metzi, and all these other names. we're genderqueer and use any pronouns but she!

call us a system or a collective (collective nouns), plural, median, or multiple (collective adjectives), and system members or headmates (individual nouns; some members may specify otherwise). don't use feminine terms for us unless individual members ask you to for them, and don't call us an enby. don't use you& or y'all for us. please avoid calling us valid, and use tone tags whenever you feel they're needed.

we need trigger warnings for images of the joker, including fanart and cosplay, as well as discussion of the prevention of headmate formation (particularly introjects), system member death and resurrection, and intentionally preventing oneself from experiencing empathy. other triggers are kept private.

we're polyam, queer, and aroace. we're a bodily minor. we have ocd, gad, depression, and a few other medical labels that we'd prefer to keep mostly private. do not attempt to engage in discourse with us. we reclaim many derogatory and/or stigmatized words but won't use them often (other than neurotic).

we have a platonic partner system, the sinister system; an alterous joyfriend [irl], tes; a sibling system [irl], the sun ray system; and a sibkid [irl], si-fi; none of whom are active in the plural community and who we'll probably talk about frequently, along with other close friends.

we ask that all of our terms be linked back to our term carrd when possible. we created the neurodivergent indicators system, the headmate code, and a system and headmate character sheet.

our crabber is @clusterhug and our discord is clusterhug#8056!!