& (1st person pronouns)

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ampersand (&) (pn.)
Applies tosystems, headmates

The ampersand (&) is a known symbol of plurality. Many people use it to refer to themselves with "me&" or to others with "you&" to indicate that they are referring to not just one person, but more, if it applies.

Ampersand used as pronouns alone, without any additions, is a different case. The symbol is used when the speaker doesn't feel comfortable using singular nor plural pronouns because & feel it does not fit &. This can be for any reason, one of a few being: & are not a person, therefore common or "human" pronouns don't fit &, & do not have a sense of identity, & are blurry and unsure if only one or multiple people are speaking, & is being used to refer to the whole system, or & feel it better describes &.

Ampersand as pronouns can be read aloud in three ways:

a) "An," pronounced how the ampersand symbol would be (and used as either singular or plural)

b) The decision is left up to the reader's interpretation on whether to assign the symbol singular (me/i/he/her) or plural (we/us/they) pronouns, or,

c) The user decides how it is pronounced and used.