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adaptive (n., adj.)
A square flag divided into seven diagonal stripes, the middle one being slimmer than the rest and white. The top three are shades of pink, and the bottom three are shades of bluish green.
Flag by Grey Skies
Applies tosystems, headmates

Adaptive refers to systems which formed in response to trauma or other adversity. A common trait of such systems is viewing plurality as adapting, healing, and overcoming obstacles.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The term "adaptive" was coined years after the coining of traumagenic, as a response to the popularization and misunderstandings around that term. Some worried about the idea of throwing "the trauma back into the faces" of survivors; others were concerned about the perceived inclusivity of the term, although it was specifically defined to include non-disordered systems.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Adaptive is one of the four plural rings, and can be combined with other terms to describe mixed-origin systems.

Adaptive is similar to traumagenic, but has a slightly broader definition. It doesn't just include trauma: it can be due to struggles with neurodiversity, for example. It was coined with spontaneous & created labels.

Flags[edit | edit source]

The flag's colors are chosen to resemble succulents: the designer, Grey Skies, likened their adaptions of having a strong outside and a soft inside to the experiences of adaptive systems.

References[edit | edit source]