Age Dissociated

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age dissociated (n., v., adj.)
Age Dissociated.png
Other formsAge Disconnection, Dissociating Age, Age Dissociating
Applies tosystems, headmates
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Age Dissociating is when an alter's age becomes blurry, foggy and/or uncertain, when normally they have a distinct age they stay at.

For example, this alter may be 17yrs normally, but when they are age dissociated they become cloudy and unsure of their age.

This is different from age dreaming or age regression because when age dissociated, ones age is not a clear or certain number. And this dissociation from one's age may cause them to feel older, younger, or completely off the age scale completely.

There are many reasons one would age dissociate. Possibly to cope with a situation that normally requires someone of their age that they are unable to handle, maybe to ease discomfort with the assumptions around their age, maybe because they feel their age has been "stolen" from them because of trauma or something similar.

Any type of alter can age dissociate, whether they have a static age, general age range, are an age-slider, even if they don't have an age at all. Though this is more common in those who have a general idea of what their age is.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Age Hazy and Age Cloudy are states one may go into when they are Age Dissociated.