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agehazy (adj.)
Age Cloudy flag by polyextranth[1]
Other formsage hazy
Synonymsagevague / age vague (adj.) (Tawny Group)[2], age cloudy (adj.) (Cluster Brains)
Applies toheadmates

Agehazy, also known as age vague and age cloudy, is a term for headmates in a system whose age can be described as indistinct, hazy, cloudy, vague, and/or fuzzy. An agehazy headmate's age may fall within an approximate range or be entirely unclear, or they may not relate to the concept of age at all.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Age sliders may also be agehazy due to sliding and never having a constant age.

Polyage members may also be agehazy if they have ages that blur together and make it hard to determine.

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