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algenic (adj.)
Applies tosystems
CoinerCapri Suns & Gushers🍒🐙 / Plurgai

Algenic refers to technically having every origin, but only some of them are important enough/big enough for the system to actually identify with.[1]

Usually either because while they understand they fit under all origins, don’t necessarily like to use some of them for comfort, or because they went down all the routes to get to the most specific ones.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Using dreamway instead of paragenic and neurogenic/the entire tree they went down to get to that origin.
  • Not actively identifying as an origin simply because they don’t vibe, but still acknowledging they are that origin.
  • Using only broad, umbrella terms (such as endogenic).
  • Having majority over minority, like not identifying as willogenic even though they created 3 of your 200 members.

References[edit | edit source]