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alter (n.)
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OriginPsychiatric term

Alter is often a synonym for headmate, but it's also used (especially in psychiatric contexts) to mean system members who are not the core.

History[edit | edit source]

Alter is usually a term used by traumagenic systems, such as those with DID, OSDD-1, UDD/USDD, and DDNOS. Non-traumagenic systems may use it, but it's more commonly used in these areas.

While the term alter is not mentioned in the DSM-5[2], it does contain the criterion of multiple personality states being present in one with dissociative identity disorder (DID DSM-5 criteria[3])[4]

Alters can have different physical affects, accents, memories, ages, names, functions, genders and other traits. The alter who has executive control over the body most of the time is known as the host. The host personality may or may not be the core.[5]

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Headmate, pluran, sysmate, and system member are all words used with the same meaning as alter, without the psychiatric contexts.

References[edit | edit source]