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Other formsAlternative Humanity Personal Identity (AHPI)

Alterhuman or alterbeing refers to a category of personal identity which encompasses identification that is alternative to the common societal idea of humanity.[1]

Alterhumanity includes:

  • Therian, phytanthrope, otherkin, and fictionkin identities
  • Multiple, plural, median, and walk-in identities
  • Spiritual self-identities which may or may not still include degrees of humanity such as angelics, celestials, starseeds, god shards, reincarnated gods, vampires, etc.
  • Identities involving shared self-identification with nonhuman or other alternative human entities/concepts such as animal-hearted, godspouse, soulbond, and spiritual medium identities.
  • Identities of alternative humanity through disassociation, trauma response, or non-neurotypical mental status.

Some systems and plurals or members within those may identify as alterhuman and identities under the umbrella, but it is not required and is self identification.

References[edit | edit source]

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