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amalgam (n.)
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Other formsAmalgamated (v.)
Applies tosourced headmates

An amalgam is a type of headmate that has a source but has a different relationship with it than an introject. Instead of directly coming from the source, the majority of amalgams already existed, before picking up traits of a source and taking it up as part of their identity.[2]

Amalgams may begin their lives as introjects, before gaining an additional source and becoming one alongside being an introject. In this case, they may also be considered multi-, dual-, or a faitive.

Amalgams may also begin their lives as non-sourced members and gain a source only later on. An amalgam of this type may be considered a pre-fictive, pre-factive, or another term using the pre- affix.

Amalgamation[edit | edit source]

Amalgamation is the process of becoming an amalgam. It may be sudden or gradual, and may or may not be a choice (if so, the amalgam may also identify as intentive). Rather than being identified as an amalgam, a headmate who has gone through this process may instead see themselves as amalgamated.

Amalgamation may also be the result of fusion, depending on how the fused identifies. Other manners of amalagmation include canonbonding.

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