Amnesic Barriers

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amnesic barriers (n.)
Amnesic barriers flag by Anonymous.
Other formsamnesic barrier, amnesiac barrier(s), amnesia barrier(s)
Synonymsamnesia wall(s), memory barrier(s)
Applies tosystem functions
OriginPsychiatric term

Amnesic barriers are barriers in a system that prevent headmates from remembering what other headmates have done, or remembering trauma or events another headmate may hold. It also can protect headmates from being known by the system, to protect the core or host's identity.[1] This term is most often used for DID systems, but also applies to OSDD-1a. Breaking an amnesic barrier before its time may be traumatizing for the system; these walls are often constructed to quarantine trauma knowledge.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Amnesic barriers fall under an umbrella type of amnesia, called functional amnesia[2] or psychogenic amnesia[3]. While not the same, dissociative amnesia is similar to amnesic barriers, albeit it is not restricted to systems[4] and usually applies to traumagenic systems. Systems can have both dissociative amnesia and amnesia barriers separately, or have just one.

Integration often involves lowering amnesia barriers to increase communication and cooperation.

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