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amnesiacflux (adj.)
Amnesiacflux flag by Anonymous.
Applies tosystems, headmates, system functions

Those who are amnesiacflux experience random and or sudden influxes of light amnesia off and on, but usually never severe or full intensity. This more so makes a headmate more confused than usual and/or unsure about what events did or did not occur in the past and or trouble remembering even slight details. Only sometimes and or rarely, if ever does the brain block off the memories completely instead of having little to massive brain fuzz, though it can possibly happen. Though most the time the memory can be found and if not, likely no headmate would remember what exactly happened.

This experience may vary depending on the system, headmate and or only have one or a few headmates who even experience this in the first place while no others ever do.

Experiences an amnesiacflux system and or headmate may have:

  • Can be due to having separate memories and or consciousness from other headmates
  • Somewhat or fully subconsciously and or knowingly trying to suppress the memory of something for any reasons at all, including trauma related ones
  • Being insecure in your own ability to figure out which memories are true or not and therefore being more confused than usual on certain events or not remembering things at all, especially for events you weren't fronting for
  • Having maladaptive daydreaming disorder and or dissociating a lot and therefore causing blanks, confusion, fuzzy memories, mixing up daydreaming and reality, etc.