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anaspect (n.)
Other formsanaspected (v., adj.) anaspection (v., n.)
Applies toheadmates
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Anaspect is a term much like introject, that is made for plurals who are spiritual in their plurality and wish to not use the term introject due to discomfort with the term or perhaps just looking to put a more specific label on their introjection.

Anaspect is an umbrella term for soulbond, spiritual, gateway, or any other aspect of non-medical plural origin to replace the word introject as an identifier for headmates/alters. The word "Anaspect" comes from the word Analogous + Aspect, meaning having qualities in common + appearance to the eye or mind. Meaning said headmate is alike to perhaps a fictional/real person but isn't introjected to the brain medically and instead comes from another location/universe. The umbrella term Anaspect covers five other terms, including Auxbond, Charabond, Factbond, Repbond, and Paralbond. Though it is an umbrella term it can be used standalone much like the LGBT umbrella term non-binary.