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anilti (n., adj.)
Applies toheadmates
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Anilti is a gender for nonhuman headmates whose closest gender is a multi gender, such as bigender, third gender, or genderfluid/genderflux. Due to being nonhuman, they don't identify with the human idea of gender. Instead, they may subscribe to a sort of proximal-gender, where they are a certain gender, minus human concepts, ideas, or connotations of said gender.

If their closest gender is to bigender or third gender, they can use the other nonhuman genders such as Anief, Aniem, Anieu, Aniexe, etc.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

Anief, Aniem, Anieu, & Aniexe are the same, but represent other genders (Female, Male, Non-binary/androgyne/genderqueer, & Gendernull/agender)