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antigenic (n., adj.)
Antigenic Flag.png
The antigenic flag
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerCosmix System

Antigenic refers to a system, sisasystem, or headmate who formed from fake-claiming. Antigenic systems can form from being fakeclaimed themselves, or from an outside source, such as someone they are close to being fakeclaimed for being a system.

This effects sisasystems and headmates in a way of forming. Many of the headmates that form like this are a type of protector, but not always.

Antigenic includes, but is not limited to:

  • a headmate or sisasystem forming due to the main system being fakeclaimed or posted (such as on a fakeclaiming subreddit or blog)
  • a close friend being fakeclaimed or posted
  • someone who is looked up to being fakeclaimed or posted
  • etc.