Anxiety Holder

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anxiety holder (n., v., adj.)
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Applies toheadmates

An anxiety holder is a type of symptom holder headmate which holds onto anxiety, often to prevent other headmates from feeling that anxiety. This may be anxiety about specific events, day-to-day anxiety, or even anxiety about the system itself.

These headmates are most common in systems with comorbid anxiety disorders, but an anxiety disorder is not required to have an anxiety holder.

Related Terms[edit | edit source]

  • Symptom Holder is the general term for headmates that hold neurodivergent symptoms.
  • Trauma Holders hold trauma instead of anxiety, but the roles may be intertwined.
  • Solliciten are headmates with roles related to anxiety, but aren't anxiety holders.
  • Anxieforms are headmates that formed from another headmate's fear or anxiety.

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