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arantive (n.)
Other formsFogtive
Applies tosourced headmates
CoinerLaurelindórenan Lindelorendor System of the Moonlight Symphony Polyplex/Atlantis Starryvault; named for xyr Ara-Strider, an arantive

An arantive is a term for an introtive, often a faitive who, while not a factive, and not starting out as a factive, has been influenced in their formation and the formation of their canon(s) by the brain's knowledge of the canons of either other doubles in the system or introtive doubles outside of the system. This term is essentially the "convergent evolution" version of "fogtive"; wherein rather than starting as a factive and diverging significantly in their canon, arantives have a "root" that is non-factive but develop factive like characteristics through their influence from other doubles.

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