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archaeologist (n.)
SynonymsExcavator, prospector
Applies tosystems, headmates
CoinerThe Etheridge Collective

An archaeologist is a system member whose role is to collect artifacts left behind by other system members who have walked out, faded, entered a long-term dormancy, or otherwise left the system's ranks to reside elsewhere in the headspace for the sake of their wellbeing. Because artifacts can have a myriad of sources and uses, many subtypes of an archaeologist have the possibility to exist.

While not an exhaustive list, the subtypes include, but are not limited to;

Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Curator: The Curator Archaeologist's role is to store artifacts left behind from previous headmates for the purpose of keeping a historical record. They may run something akin to a museum, or just keep artifacts in an otherwise safe place for the purpose of education. Curators can also take on the role of, or work closely with, archivists and cartographers.

Collector: The Collector Archaeologist tends to keep artifacts for safe keeping for personal appreciation, rather than to educate or to learn from their origins. They may or may not hoard these memories and emotions often represented by them.

Exo-Archaeologist: The Exo-Archaeologist tends to comb through environments outside of the system, whether in parts of the brain that dreams are still occurring, or in other universes where the system member was often inhabiting. Because of the nature of this role, they often work in tandem with, or take on the role of dream seekers.

Gatherer: This subtype of archaeologist is tasked with finding artifacts left behind by previous system members and given to system members who are tasked with creating new headmates from the memories and the emotions represented by one or more artifacts. Because of the nature of this subtype, gatherers can also take on the role of, or work closely with, artists and artisans.