Archaic Structured

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archaic structured (adj.)
SynonymsFramework polyfragmented, configured polyfragmented
Applies tosystems, system functions
CoinerThe Old Blood Brotherhood

Archaic polyfragmented describes polyfragmented, polyplural, polymultiple, or polyfaceted systems that have some form of internal ranking, government, or hierarchy.

Usually this is in the form of having gatekeepers, system managers, hosts, and/or protectors that act as the "head" of the system. However, this is not always the case, nor does it mean that they inherently control members or are completely in charge of the system. They simply hold more power or control over the systems functions, innerworld/headspace, and things of that nature more so than other members of their system.

Archaic was used for one name, as being structured as a hierarchy is “traditional” for systems. Framework was used, as many of the “higher ranking” (for lack of a better term) members of an archaic polyfragmented system can be seen as the structure or support for these systems, and configured was used in a similar vein was framework.[1]

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Other terms that describe the layout or function of a polyfragmented system are:

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