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28 December 2022

7 November 2022

  • curprev 11:1611:16, 7 November 2022PhantomThieves talk contribs 731 bytes −437 Remove gallery, as the only image there is also in the infobox, and some minor formatting undo
  • curprev 06:4906:49, 7 November 2022Randabeli talk contribs 1,168 bytes +1,168 Created page with "{{Term | image = Archorma flag m-grouped.png | alt = A flag with 5 evenly sized horizontal stripes. from top to bottom the colors of the stripes are cherry red, yellow, white, midtone grey, and dark wine red. across the center of the flag are 3 horizontally spaced white circles. within each of these circles is another smaller navy blue circle. | usage_noun = yes | usage_headmate = yes | coiner = Matt/m-grouped }} an origin term that may describe a headmate's origins as..." Tag: Visual edit